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 This site is meant for promotional purposes to sell books and/or products by the kids book character name Cuddles. Links from this site transfer you to Amazon sites for purchases and therefore all terms of services and policies etc. are under their authority while on their sites. This site does however collect analytic data from visitors for marketing and selling purposes of our brand. We may add new technologies to the site for collecting data or a more enjoyable experience for the user. We may change our privacy policy and terms of use at any time. Our 'Cuddles newsletter' and 'contact us' form is an email of We use your email for proposes of selling our brand and providing a fun experience. We do not sell or give away your email. The photo's we use in our books/sites/etc. are items we hold the proper rights to and therefore you the user are not authorized to reproduce, electroniclly transmit, copy etc. However, we do allow you to use our products in a reasonable educational form. Such as in a classroom. Enjoy our website!

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